About the Artist


Deb Ryan was born to paint. She is a self taught artist and painter and has been extremely artistic since childhood. While concentrating all of her early years in being creative, she decided to go to college for business and marketing. "I knew I had the natural talent to paint, but I thought it would be more beneficial to learn how to sell and market my myself," she says. After successful careers as a marketing manager at a national marketing firm, then in Visual Merchandising at Macys and Neiman Marcus, she decided it was time to focus on beautifying personal spaces and start her own business, Deb Ryan Designs LLC. She smiles and says, "If it wasn't for Neiman Marcus, I wouldn't be where I am today. Neimans is the epitome of style. I learned from the best in the business. Their style and presentation with high quality products, bringing the best in customer service and the attention to detail is unmatched."

Deb describes her business as a decorative and visual artisan group. She specializes in transforming seemingly hopeless unattractive interiors into wonderful works of art. See it for yourself in upscale establishments such as the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich, CT to many restaurants including Aurora in Rye, NY., Mediterraneo and Greenwich Tavern in Greenwich, CT and Pacifico in New Haven, CT. Her work in private residences is just as beautiful. She has painted in many homes in the New York area, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs for clients that include celebrities and a royal family.


Clients love Deb not just for her artist talent, but for her flexibility in achieving their goals, so easy to work with, and down to earth personality. On one job back in 2007, when construction delays on a kitchen remodel threatened a special Thanksgiving gathering, Deb painted 16-20 hour days right up until 4am on Thanksgiving Day to complete the project. She adds, "It had to be completed for this family no matter what. It was their first Thanksgiving without their loved one who died in Iraq that summer. The family was so moved by my work, they asked me to come back and spend Thanksgiving with them. In order for me to do a great job, I need to personally connect with the client. It helps me better understand them and their needs."

Regardless of the project, Deb loves her work. Painting is her passion. "I get paid to live", she says. She has built 2 successful businesses on passion and professionalism that bring big smiles to people's faces and in turn hers. "That is why I do it!", she proclaims. "I love helping people by bringing color into their lives and during the holidays, lighting up their lives with Holiday decorations. It is incredibly rewarding to me to create something for someone who is so appreciative of my work that say, "Wow, how did you do that?"

All of Deb's artwork, painting and creations are done by eye and by hand. Only with lettering, she sometimes will use a ruler for straight lines. Then the rest of the inside of the letter is hand painted.